Dublin activity

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1. Take a picture of yourself (or have somebody take it) in Dublin.

2. Write a little paragraph (100 words) describing what it is, including terms from our geography book. Underline these terms. Don’t forget to say to which unit is the picture related.

3. Email it, print it and bring it right after Easter Break.

Chronology: centuries and millennia

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Check this chart:

Chronology chart

(millennia is the irregular plural of ‘millennium’)

Alaskan oil

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Here are some videos about the pipeline:

from a tourist

with robotic voice

from a fan

a one-hour documentary

and another hour

And these about the Exxon Valdez:

History Channel

New York Times

Fracking, right or wrong?

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You can find a lot of information online. Here is a pro-video: MarathonOilCorp

This one looks quite neutral: Fracking explained

This one is absolutely against: The Greens/EFA

Try to research on other sources… What do you think?


Europe map

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Check the list of countries in:


There are 50 internationally recognised sovereign states. Students have to learn the short name in English and the capital.

1º ESO:

3º ESO: all the 50 countries.

Landscape chart

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landscapes chart 1Cp

landscape chart 1Cb


Preguntas del tema 7

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Agricultura y cambio demográfico en el siglo XIX. (apartados 1 y 2)

Los inicios de la industrialización y las causas de su retraso (apartado 3 y pregunta clave)


El ferrocarril en la España del XIX. (apartado 4.1)

Mercado en España: librecambio y proteccionismo. (apartados 4.2 a 4.4)

Hacienda, banca y dinero (apartado 5)


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